Friday, September 24, 2010

Mission Statement

I haven't written creatively in over five years, so in honor of my very first blog, I'd like to open with a poem.
I've recently come to a very depressing realization about my life. As a mom I am constantly planning and trying to keep something resembling a schedule. Every second I am thinking about the next second, every hour I am planning the next hour, and every day I seem to always be thinking about the next day. Rarely do I step back from my multitasking mommy persona and just enjoy the moment that I am currently living. I challenge myself as well as all you readers out there, mommy, or not (we all have everyday routines), to find the cure for the common day.

Set aside time to be goofy.
Pick a time; pick a date.
Spin in circles
until you can't walk straight.
Laugh until you cry,
pretend to fly,
stretch you hands into the sky,
and pretend you're really tall.
Build the tallest tower ever
just to watch it fall.
Instead of just typing it
actually roll on the floor...
Make the everyday choices
not to be a bore.
Speak in funny voices,
tell stories;
not lies,
color outside the lines.
Make forts,
inside or out.
for joy.
Buy a toy.
Play dress up,
or dress down.
put on that gown
you said you'd never wear again.
Dance like no one's watching.
Let go and sing;
sing along
to a song
you don't know.
Whatever you do,
do something outrageous.
spread the uncommon,
because common's contagious.


It's certainly not my best work. It's scribble really, but it speaks to me, and I hope it speaks to you. When was the last time your spun in circles until you fell down?


  1. I LOVE the last two lines!!! I can totally relate :)

  2. My favorite lines are:

    Instead of just typing it
    actually roll on the floor...

    Great job, friend! May this outlet stimulate all your creative juices. :)