Friday, April 15, 2011


I dread Friday mornings. For me, Friday mornings have the ability to make or break my day entirely, even though I try desperately not to let it. You see, Friday mornings are my own personal weekly weigh-ins. Most Fridays I am completely and utterly disappointed. It doesn't seem to matter how much work I do or how little I eat, most Friday mornings I find myself throwing a full blown temper tantrum in the bathroom. I've had to train myself to be happy even if I've only lost half a pound, so this morning I wasn't expecting much, but I knew it wouldn't take much to make it past my first goal: ONEderland! Biggest Loser fans, you know what that means. (how many times can one say "Friday" in a single blog post?)

Today I decided to do a little tally of what's been lost since I began doing Turbo Jam in October. This was super fun because I've lost more in inches than I've lost in weight and both are minuscule numbers. In six months I've lost a total of 11.5 lbs (actually 13.5 since New Years because of the fun added Holiday bonus weight). But back to the six months I've lost 11.5 lbs and 13.875 total inches. That is a stellar 1.92 lbs/month (.44 lbs/week), and 2.31 inches/month (.53 inches/week). I think it's safe to say that if I had been on The Biggest Loser, I would have been sent home a long time ago!

This morning is a new beginning. I'm changing my attitude. I am going to choose to be happy with the work I put in and the results I get back, because no matter how small that number is, as long as the weekly average is a negative and not a positive, then I'm doing something right!

So for all those hard working women out there, who can't drop 10 lbs just by giving up soda, keep your head up! We are women after all. We've always had to work harder than a man for the same results. ;-) Don't give up!

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