Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's Only the World

I suppose you could call this a follow-up to my follow-up blog, which even annoys me. This is not what I set this blog up for, and this is why I stopped blogging years ago. Either I am not a very clear writer, or many just pick and choose what they want to hear, and therefore, miss my point entirely.

I will say one last thing in regard to Halloween and listen carefully. :) Other than buying the candy just in case some kids come by, we actually do not participate in Halloween in the traditional sense. We honestly can't justify the expense of the costumes right now, and it is too difficult to avoid the scary and evil aspects of the night which many people choose to magnify, and which terrify my children. I grew up with horrible nightmares, and I'm not trying to pass them on. I'm not telling you all this so that I will stop being judged. But I already told you my opinions, which regardless of how misunderstood they might have been, I'm not repeating. Live and let live.

Moving on...

In my last blog I touched on the topic of judgment. This has been on my heart for sometime, and it may have also been misunderstood since I didn't really dive into it. It's just that I can't even count the number of people throughout my life who have confessed to me that they have nothing to do with God or the church because of the people. Basically, because of us, because of God's people, someone would avoid God. That breaks my heart!

What I wrote last time wasn't meant to make me sound blameless. I am guilty of it too. We all do it whether inwardly or outwardly, and I'm challenging us all, myself included, to put a stop to it. It is not our jobs to judge others in their decisions. I do believe that in some cases God might lay it on your heart to step up and maybe talk to someone about the choices they are making, but enter that prayerfully. We shouldn't just be spouting off rules, "Don't do this, and don't do that." In fact sometimes it's best not to say anything at all. I know that I'm contradicting that just by writing this blog, but I know from my personal experience. I have learned more from people's actions than from their words. I could write out countless testimonies to that. Before saying a word to them try praying for them, being there for them, and leading by your actions and with your love.

What is hardest, I think, for most people, is having a finger pointed at them while knowing the finger pointer's imperfections, because, let's face it, a lot of the judging comes from those who know us best. We all know each others' flaws and even if you don't, you can bet that they have some. It is ignorant to say or believe that we as Christians do not sin, or even that we don't practice sin. Something as simple as eating until you are well beyond satisfied is gluttony. We've all done it, and continue to do it. Christians do make mistakes, and unfortunately they do sometimes repeat them. What sets us apart from the world isn't perfection. It's forgiveness. We know and see and hear from a God who, in His ultimate mercy and grace and love, offered up His Son for us. Maybe if we all quiet down with the yelling of scriptures and judgments and "Bible thumping" others might hear Him too.

Now, this blog in itself would appear to be judgmental, wouldn't it? I guess it is. I suppose the media is, in part, to blame, because not all Christians are like that, but those sure are the ones we see on TV a lot, aren't they? I shouldn't be judging them because God knows their hearts, and I believe that many of their hearts are in the right place, but it's got to be hard to save souls while simultaneously scaring them away.   

I am not perfect; far from it. And I am asking for God's help with this. We are all under attack from the evil one, and you better believe that he knows that the tactic of judging and shaming people is not going to bring many (if any) people to Christ. I pray that God would remove those impure thoughts and judgments from our minds, and fill us with His love to share with the world. Amen

Pheww! Can I write about lighter stuff now, please? :)

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