Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chocolate Tastes Like Happy

Most days I eat a very healthy, well rounded diet within my 1390 calorie limit...most days. Today has not been one of them and it's just now noon.

I despise coffee. I have never met a flavor I could even tolerate, and, unlike most coffee haters, I even hate the smell. The unfortunate thing about this is that when I crave a caffeine fix, like this morning, when I can't even keep my eyes open while the kids are playing as loudly as possible, there is only one thing that does the trick; only one delicious, caffeinated item that keeps me moving. CHOCOLATE

Last night, on an errand run, I bought a bunch of chocolate that was on sale. I used coupons, and the excuse that it was to keep around as special treats for the children when they use the potty or do some other monumental thing requiring a standing ovation and cheers heard 'round the world.

The problem with stocking up on such items during their sales (for the sake of the children) is that when I have sleep deprived, or otherwise extremely groggy, drizzly rain induced moments, when even feeding the dog seems like the most energy demanding chore in the world, I am absolutely not in the correct and/or stable form of mind to stop eating the stock piles of chocolate.

And so, thanks to the M&Ms, and Twix, combined with my healthy oatmeal and toast breakfast (at least I began on the right food), I have now reached my calorie intake for the day, and I expect that my caffeine induced energy will be crashing shortly, leaving me exhausted, yet again, and spiraling downward into an exhausted, self-loathing guilt.

But then something happens to turn my day around. Ironically, in the 10 minutes it took me to write this blog, both children told me that they had to poop; first Chastity, and then Elijah. Then, miraculously, both pooped in the potty without any accidents, granting them the privilege of three M&Ms each. I am grateful for this small miracle of the day, and it might just be the boost I need to surpass the inevitable sugar crash.

I can now, confidently proceed with my day, knowing that last night's purchases, and today's diet destruction were not in vain. Happy pooping, everyone!


  1. Love it :) And I love the new look of your blog! Cute :)

  2. LOL Happy pooping! I also love the new blog background :)