Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Parent Error

Lately I have been feeling as though my mind is turning to mush. While Jelani is off getting his education on, biggering his brain, I am home writing blogs with made up Dr. Seuss words.

One thing that has happened quite a bit recently just proves my fear to be true. A few weeks ago Elijah wet the bed two nights in a row. The first night I overlooked it. I reasoned that he drank a lot of milk before going to bed and slept a little later than normal. Plus, isn't that normal for young boys occasionally? However, he has been staying dry through the night since before his third birthday, so it was still a bit strange. When it happened the next night, and I was stripping down his bed and washing everything again, it occurred to me that I couldn't remember if I had taken him to pee before bed. When I asked Jelani about it, he couldn't remember either.

As the weeks went by, I continued having difficulty remembering to take him to pee. Many nights, by the time I would go to bed I couldn't remember whether I'd taken him or not. The child has an iron bladder, and if not reminded to go, he will hold it as long as he can. When he's awake, that is ok, because he knows when he absolutely has to go, but when asleep...not so much, so I've learned.

So at least two nights out of the week we put the kids to bed around 8, and by the time I get into bed and lie there a while, around midnight I realize the reason I can't fall asleep is because my brain is trying to tell me something, "Hey, Mom of the Year! You forgot to take your son to go pee!" I'll jump out of bed as I realize this and go to get Elijah. The poor child is so deep in sleep that each time this happens, as I'm lifting him out of bed, he startles awake and whispers, "Help!" before his voice has fully woken up. We make the midnight march to the potty, as he rubs his eyes and tries to understand what's happening. I discovered the hard way one night, when he nearly peed on me, that he's too asleep to aim.

The last time this happened, just two nights ago, it was old hat for Elijah. I carried him to the bathroom where he calmly unzipped his pajamas and began to pee. I honestly couldn't remember whether he had gone earlier or not, so I thought better safe than sorry, but when I asked him he confirmed, "No, Mommy. I didn't pee tonight."

Last night, I made Jelani help me get the kids ready for bed so that I had an extra brain keeping track of the events. Ever since Chastity began using the potty, my routine has been thrown a little bit. At least that's the excuse I'm going with. As Elijah went to pee, Jelani said, "Take note, Mommy." We went on to have our Bible and prayer time, but as we turned out the lights and got ready to sing, Elijah jumped off my lap and said, "I need to pee, Mommy!"

"You already did, Eli, remember?" but he was adamant. We waited while he tried to pee. Of course nothing happened, but at least now Elijah is aware of the situation and he knows that Mommy needs help making sure such things are taken care of so that his sleep is uninterrupted.

As it turns out Elijah's malfunction was clearly parent error.

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