Saturday, January 28, 2012

Seasoned Veteran

Today was our UB women's basketball alumni day. It's a super fun day where all of us old ladies get to relive our glory days on the court together. Huffing and puffing, probably looking unrecognizable to anyone who once watched us play many moons ago, we are competitive, but we've learned to laugh at ourselves as well...and today, there was a lot of laughing in our competitive 3 point game. I'm not gonna lie. It's a day that I look forward to every year, because once a year I get to return to the court with the very girls I wasn't able to play with in my last two years of college because of my injury.

Afterwards they feed us lunch and allow us to participate in the pregame announcements as the current women's team gets hyped up, and then we sit to enjoy the game.

This is all wonderful fun, but this blog isn't really about basketball. At half-time of the game Jelani took the kids down to play in the bounce house while I chatted with my old college roommates. Pretty soon I heard, "Erin!" I looked to see Jelani pointing urgently at Chastity, as she was frantically putting her shoes on.

Potty duty.

I rushed down the bleachers to be met by a pleasant stench. "Chastity pooped in her pants...again," Jelani informed me. Yes, again. While I was playing in my alumni game, my mom had to rush Chastity to the restroom to clean her up for the same reason. Chastity has been diaper free, except at night, for months now. So we stopped carrying a diaper bag with us well before Christmas. I could not believe this was happening again. I rushed her to the women's locker room to clean her up, only to find that this accident was a not-so-dry accident. I had to clean her underwear out, with my hands, in the toilet. Once all the gunk was off in the toilet, I took them to the sink and had to wash them out with hand soap. Then I had to dry them with the hand dryer. I had cleaned up her bottom the best I could, but as many moms know, without wet wipes, it will never be good enough. Once the underwear were dry, I put them back on her, and went after the pants, which had also acquired a stain from the mess. I washed them in the sink with the hand soap and proceeded to dry them, which took forever. Of course they are the thickest pair of sweatpants she owns. I must have pushed that hand dryer button back on 50 times. Meanwhile, I began to smell something again. I thought it was just a minor smell from the pants I was drying, but it got stronger. I looked at Chastity who was standing 5 feet from the toilet. OH NO.

Yep. She pooped in the underwear I had just finished cleaning...just 5 feet from the toilet!!! Seriously? I rushed her back into the stall, and began the process all over again. My brain was saying, "I can't believe you are that mom. You're the mom that cleans out her kid's underwear in a public restroom toilet. You're that mom who the women passing by either nod in understanding or pity at, or look at you like you're disgusting. You are the mom with her hands in a public toilet, not once, but TWICE. And you're the mom that wants to do this all over again...

And you're the mom that is now a seasoned veteran looking forward to the next part of the journey."

Didn't see that coming, did you

The stats:
Due date: August 15, 2012
Gender: We plan to find out as soon as we can!
Names: We never tell names until we're holding our baby. :)


  1. Hahaha I had a feeling it was coming to that. Congrats Erin :)
    We should get together real soon!!!

  2. congrats and what a creative way to announce :-)

    1. thank you! some would say a "gross" way to announce, but I like your opinion best. :)